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Gel Energy detox Maqui-Nibs Cacao


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Excellent healthy low-calorie snack, does not contain Gluten.Snack that provides a feeling of fullness. Increase energy, feel and look younger, and reverse the aging process are some of the benefits that are attributed to antioxidants.

MaquiFit products are high in antioxidants because the entire line of supplements are made from Maqui Berry , scientifically recognized as a superfood because it provides more than one benefit to the organism.

Studies show that the constant consumption of antioxidants inhibits free radicals, responsible for the deterioration and aging of cells and promotes the retention of collagen. cell aging
Lowers blood sugar levels


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Gel Energy detox  Maqui-Nibs Cacao

Gel Energy detox Maqui-Nibs Cacao

The best source of antioxidant,  energy for every cell in our brain

Snack high in antioxidants in stick format of 16g, low calorie natural energetic based on Maqui Berry and cacao nibs.
Powerful energetic snack, inhibits muscle contractures. 
Low calories
Delivery felling of satiety
Rebuild neuronal connections
Low in calories.

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